Uni Students Get Nude To Raise Money For RRMH!

24 Oct 17
by Brooklyn

Uni Students Get Nude To Raise Money For RRMH!

Words by Sam Langford.

Wholesome nudes, cute animals, and fundraising for rural and regional mental health services: what more could you want?

It’s that time of year again — students at the University of Sydney’s Veterinary School have released their annual nude calendar. It’s a grand and mysterious tradition of students getting their kit off for a good cause, this time to raise funds for non-profit organisation Rural & Remote Mental Health.

This year’s cause was pretty close to students’ hearts, given the overlap between veterinary work and rural and regional areas. In addition to raising money for underfunded rural and regional mental health services, the calendar aims to challenge stigma around mental illness in general, and encourage people to seek help early.

Accordingly, they students have cheekily titled their work of art “Shedding The Stigma”. As you can see in the pics below, they’re also shedding quite a bit more.

round 40 students took part in this year’s calendar, which was shot at the university’s Camden campus farms. Courtney Turner, one of the students involved, said that “for the first few shots it felt a bit awkward”, but “by the end of the day we were all super comfortable and having the best time”.

“Everyone involved really embraced the experience. It’s so good to see young people working together to support such an important cause.”

And if you’re worried about whether the animals had a good time, set your mind at ease — the students assured us that “we are all trained animal handlers and for every shot, our main consideration was the safety and welfare of the animals.”

In previous years, the calendar has raised money for greyhound rescues, drought-affected farmers, and other worthy causes. Last year, their efforts went viral, and they’re hoping to do the same again.

You can help them out by pre-ordering a calendar for just $25 here. Given that the pics above are just the outtakes, we strongly recommend checking out the final cut.