Shorty’s last hoorah

12 Feb 21
by Andy

Shorty’s last hoorah

We first introduced our followers to Shorty Dwyer in August 2020. He had just started Short Man Large Adventures, a tour company dedicated to travelling off the beaten track.

His business donated a share of its profits to Rural & Remote Mental Health, but a bit of digging revealed Shorty had been a long-time supporter of our charity.

Unfortunately, the business was too new to survive the pandemic. With tourism heavily affected by travel restrictions and border closures, Shorty found himself stuck in Esperance, WA; a situation he met with unrestrained optimism.

Shorty initially occupied himself by exploring the area and enjoying one of the coastal city’s major attractions, whale watching. He spent the Christmas break watching Southern Right and Humpback whales cruising the Southern Ocean.

Being the friendly and outgoing bloke he is, Shorty quickly became part of the community and soon found himself with a job offer. And he decided to celebrate this fresh start with a fundraiser for Rural & Remote Mental Health.

Known for his robust beard – an attachment he’s sported for longer than he cares to remember – Shorty decided a clean shave was the most appropriate way to raise money and celebrate this next adventure.

With a great turn-out and generous support from the Esperance community, he raised more than $1300. So a big thank you to Shorty and his adopted hometown!

We’re thrilled that things turned out so well for him. Shorty has a big heart and entrepreneurial spirit, so we doubt this is the last we’ll hear from him. All the best with the new job, mate. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.