RRMH Board thanks outgoing CEO

CEO Dr Jennifer Bowers on minesite
14 Jan 20
by Andy

RRMH Board thanks outgoing CEO

One of the great things about Australia and Australians is the capacity we have to recognise problems and pursue innovative, practical solutions.

When anyone considers Australians who achieve something quite unique, from the ground up, with very little early support, marshalling sheer determination and persistence all the way, we are talking about a small group of genuine pioneers.

Dr Jennifer Bowers rightly belongs in that small group.

Thirteen years ago, already in a position where some might begin thinking about winding down and looking back on their career, Dr Bowers decided that more needed to be done to address the growing mental health burden in rural and remote Australia.

Her vision at that time has since grown into RRMH today, supported by the subsequent work of many excellent staff and funded by governments, foundations, philanthropists, businesses and the wider community.

For well over a decade now, Dr Bowers’ leadership has been delivering early intervention and prevention based mental health programs Australia-wide. These programs have been very successful due to their evidence-based and culturally tailored development.

This pioneering work has produced hundreds of trainers who help to ensure that program knowledge and capability remain embedded at a local level in all kinds of communities and organisations.

Most importantly, thousands of people have attended RRMH programs, receiving the tools and resources to better deal with their challenges.

This pioneering effort and enduring impact constitute tremendous progress that now forms an excellent base from which to continue the work of RRMH into a future where the mental health landscape continues to change.

Dr Bowers has notified the Board of RRMH of her intention to retire from her 13-year role as CEO and Director of RRMH and pursue other interests, including some well-earned relaxation time.

The Board are pleased that Dr Bowers will not be completely lost to RRMH, remaining the RRMH representative on the Board of Mental Health Australia.

The staff, supporters and Board of RRMH thank Dr Bowers for her vision, leadership, determination and tremendous legacy. Jennifer retires from her roles as CEO and Director with our very best wishes.