Resource Minds is an evidence-based mental health and well-being program which is uniquely tailored around the risk and safety factors affecting all workers, on any site.

Toolbox Talk Presentations

Resource Minds Toolbox Talk Presentations are designed to be integrated with existing OH&S programs on physical health and safety.

An integral part of the Resource Minds program is the suite of 13 Toolbox Talk Presentations, created specifically to be delivered on site over the duration of the entire program.

Each Toolbox Talk Presentation covers a topic relevant to mental health awareness, prevention, early intervention strategies and identifying pathways to help.


The first Toolbox Talk Presentation will be delivered by RRMH consultants during their first site visit, with subsequent Toolbox Talk Presentations being delivered by Presenters who have volunteered to take on this important role.

Each comes with its own topic-specific video and the Presenter’s Guide provides notes and additional information to assist the Presenters to deliver an informative Talk.

Depending on the site’s roster the Toolbox Talks Presentations can be delivered either fortnightly or monthly.

Short excerpt of the Toolbox Talk videos for FIFO rosters:

Short excerpt of the Toolbox Talk videos for DIDO/residential workplaces:

First site visit:

By RRMH consultants at the commencement of the program

  • Mental Health for Leaders Training Workshop and Handbook for all participants
  • Provision of 5 Toolbox Talk DVDs
  • Training provided to on-site Toolbox Talk Presenters and Presenters Guide
  • Delivery of the initial Toolbox Talk Presentation by Resource Minds consultants
  • Passport to Mental Health in Mining, Resources and Remote Construction issued to everyone on site
  • Mental health themed posters for display
  • Distribution and administration of the Wellbeing and Lifestyle Survey

 Ongoing support:

  • Presenters and on-site management/supervisory staff  – via email and phone

Second visit:

  • Toolbox Talk Presentation delivered by a Resource Minds consultant
  • Feedback from the results of the Wellbeing and Lifestyle Survey