Resource Minds in Quarrying

Quarrying is an important part of the Australian economy.

But it’s not always an easy job.

Long hours, isolation from family and friends, shift work, fly-in/fly-out and drive-in/drive-out rosters, relationship or financial stresses, misuse of alcohol and drugs, environmental extremes and dangerous workplaces, not to mention economic challenges and commodity price uncertainty, can and do contribute to compromised mental health and, in extreme cases, suicide.

Resource Minds in Quarrying raises awareness and understanding, helps people to recognise problems in themselves, family and workmates and encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own mental health by talking to someone and seeking help early.

Mental Health for Leaders Training Workshop for supervisors, managers, OH&S /HR personnel, shift bosses and front-line responders and those in positions of responsibility on the work-site.


The training workshop is delivered prior to the roll-out of the site-wide mental health program and is designed to provide comprehensive information, insights, strategies and support;

  • Suite of 13 Toolbox Talks based on the evidence collected from the results of the RRMH’s Well-being and Lifestyle Survey

Each Toolbox Talk covers a topic relevant to mental health and well-being and includes a short video.

  • Presenter’s training workshop

Training for designated presenters including Presenter’s Guide to assist them deliver engaging and informative toolbox talks.

  • Passport to Mental Health – an informative pocket-sized booklet given to all employees at the first toolbox talk
  • Range of mental health-themed posters for display on-site
  • Well-being and Lifestyle Survey and Evaluation
  • On-going support for your leaders and presenters throughout the duration of the program