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Mental Health for Leaders Training Workshop

Delivered (usually on-site) by appropriately trained and qualified RRMH staff to managers, supervisors, shift bosses, WH&S officers and those in positions of responsibility in the workplace.

The training workshop is designed to assist participants:

  • Increase their awareness and understanding of basic mental health as well as the risks to mental health especially following a critical incident
  • To be effective “first-responders” to a mental health crisis in the workplace until qualified, professional help is available
  • Identify support services and networks available for themselves and their workforce
  • Identify any gaps (in regard to mental health) within existing operations procedures
  • Improve the culture of their worksite by reducing stigma and encouraging a positive approach to mental health.



Participants are provided with a useful handbook for future reference and a Certificate of Completion.

This interactive and practical solution-based training workshop is not about professional counseling or psychological debriefing.

It is about:

A – Assessing the risk

S – Supporting the person

K – Knowing where and how to get professional help.



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