In the two-day Train-the-Presenter program key community members and leaders learn to deliver the Deadly Thinking one-day social and emotional well-being program, in any setting.

Who can benefit?

There is no limit to who can benefit from undertaking training.

Participants need not be experts in social and emotional wellbeing; the Train-the-Presenter program will provide the understanding, confidence and essential knowledge required to deliver the Deadly Thinking workshop in your community.

If you have an interest in actively supporting your community, colleagues or clients social and emotional well-being; this program is for you!

This program is especially suitable for mental health professionals, however, please note – this is not a cultural competency course.

What does the program consist of?

Attendees take part in a real ‘Deadly Thinking’ workshop delivered by our senior Indigenous presenters and supported by Deadly Thinking facilitators.

Following completion of the presentation all attendees are assigned a section of the presentation from the training manual to present the following day.


What happens during day-two?

Day-two consists of the creation and practice in presenting the Deadly Thinking sessions, then the sessions are delivered in sequence, supported by written prompts, video resources, PowerPoint slides – the more creative and interactive the better!

Feedback is provided and Presenter certificates awarded.

What materials are provided?

New Presenters are provided with a trainer’s manual, trainers cap and T-shirt, Deadly Thinking videos, flyers and PowerPoint presentations on a USB and Deadly Thinking certificates. Refreshments, morning tea and lunch are also included in the workshop package.

New Presenters can contact program management directly via phone or email and can yarn with other facilitators and Deadly Thinking staff on the Deadly Thinking Facebook page and the Deadly Thinking Portal for further information.

How can I purchase my own materials?

Assistance with event planning, promotional flyer design and support with lodging feedback forms is provided free.

For all other resources* including presentation flipcharts, Deadly Thinkpacks, certificates, workbooks, caps and materials visit our shop.

*All prices are inclusive of GST. Additional charges for postage may apply.

How much does Train-the-Presenter cost?

Train-the-Presenter is priced at $930/person. This may be subject to variation depending on community and location.

Generously sponsored places are limited – please contact Peta Boorman, Deadly Thinking Program Manager for more information on sponsorships!


What can I do?

You can become a Deadly Thinking Presenter by attending a scheduled workshop in your area, or by arranging a Train-the-Presenter workshop for your community or workplace.

We will provide the facilitator to present, support staff, catering and materials– all you need is commitment and an interest in your communities social and emotional well-being!