Our Deadly Thinking facilitators

Johnathan Link

Jonathan Link is a proud Aboriginal man with connections to Kuku Yalinji, Nyamal  Pilbara Region WA and Quandamooka, Stradbroke Island.

His extensive work history has contributed to making a change in Aboriginal &Torres Strait Islander “Mental Health”.

Working in the field of Indigenous mental health and social and emotional wellbeing has taken him across Australia and to Papua New Guinea. A secondment to the Australasian Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health in 2011 enabled a collaboration that led to the design and formulation of Deadly Thinking.



Jonathan is a Principal Master Instructor of the Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid program and has facilitated over 75 workshops across Australia. In 2017, he was involved with the Project Reference Group NHMRC (Indigenous Suicide Prevention) as an expert panellist.

More recently he was among 30 other Aboriginal &Torres Strait Islander expert panellists who contributed to the new guidelines to improve assessments for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people presenting to hospital with self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Jonathan also sits on the Gold Coast PHN Clinical Council Committee as the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health worker representative and feels more could be done within the three tiers of Government regarding suicide prevention.

Margaret Saunders

Margaret identifies as a descendent of the Wiradjuri People in Central New South Wales through her father. Margaret’s mother is non – Indigenous.

Having completed both the Deadly Thinking one-day Community workshop and the Train-the-Presenter workshop several times over, Margaret built on her existing communication and presentation skills to become an outstanding Deadly Thinking facilitator

An Aboriginal woman with a large family, Margaret has a huge amount of empathy and can relate to many sensitive issues. She presents confidently, in an appropriate manner, thereby achieving successful results with workshop participants.

Work history

Margaret has worked with ATSI people in both Government and Non-Government sectors for many years.

Margaret is conscious of cultural protocols at all times. She is discreet and maintains confidentiality when discussing sensitive issues with workshop participants. Margaret is currently a dedicated Deadly Thinking and Train-the-Presenter facilitator, traveling all over Australia.

Personal attributes

Margaret works by the philosophy that developing productive relationships can be achieved by being inclusive, approachable and openly sharing knowledge.

Margaret’s skills in these areas are particularly effective when interacting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. She represents an excellent choice of Trainer to support and promote awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture to the wider community.

Amanda Ahmat

Mandy is a proud Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander women, born in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Her father was also born in Darwin, with family connections to Torres Strait – Badu Island.  Mandy’s mother was born at Beagle Bay Mission in Western Australia and has strong connections to the Kimberley region.

Mandy’s father’s mother country is Roper River, Northern Territory. Her Nana was taken from Roper River when the ‘Patrol Board’ was looking for ‘half-caste’ children to remove.

Mandy has recently returned to her birth home – Darwin, to care for her aged mother who is 87 years old. She is also a single mother to two young men aged 25 and 22 years of age.

Work history

Mandy worked in the Northern Territory for 20 years and for State Government in South Australia over the last 10 years, specialising in mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, community service and administration. She has worked both in rural and remote areas of Australia, covering Central Australia and Country.

Personal attributes

Mandy works by the philosophy that developing productive relationships can be achieved by being inclusive, empathetic and respecting others.

Mandy is aware of the importance of cultural protocols at all times. She maintains confidentiality when discussing sensitive issues and is committed to sharing about mental health in a culturally identifiable setting.

Program Experience

In 2014, Mandy completed the Deadly Thinking facilitator training workshop in South Australia. She found it was a great opportunity to enhance and build on existing skills and knowledge in mental health.

Mandy has successfully delivered Deadly Thinking workshops to community members all over Australia, and is highly experienced in facilitating Train-the-Presenter two-day workshops. A Deadly choice of facilitator to deliver your workshop!

Gina Baker


Program Experience

Since being identified as an outstanding presenter during her training in early 2017, Gina has gone on to facilitate Deadly Thinking and Train the Trainer program as both co-facilitator and main presenter.

Gina is passionate about the Deadly Thinking workshops, the awareness they create and the solutions they offer to the problems our people are suffering.

Gina belongs to Darumbal through her Dad and Grandfather, and Pita Pita through her Dad and Grandmother.  Gina also belongs to Gangulu on her Mother’s and Grandfather’s side and Goreng Goreng on her Mother and Grandmother’s side, all located around the Central Queensland region.

Work history

In addition to facilitating for Deadly Thinking, Gina is a healer. She strongly believes that through healing we will be able to reclaim strength, and become the strong people that we used to be.

Gina is regularly available for workshops bookings, both Deadly Thinking one-day Community Workshop, and two-day Train-the-Presenter. She is also available to talk about your own healing journey.

Personal attributes

Gina is aware of the importance of cultural protocols and maintains confidentiality when discussing sensitive issues.

Gina is committed to sharing about mental health and healing in a culturally identifiable setting. She is an excellent choice of facilitator to promote awareness of self-care, and social and emotional wellbeing.

Lane Brookes

Lane Brookes

Program Experience

Lane has been a Deadly Thinking facilitator since 2017. He has travelled to areas in Far North QLD, Western NSW, coastal WA, the Mid West and Kimberley region.

Lane is a proud Mandandanji man who lives on Country in South West Queensland.

Work history

At the ripe age of 24, Lane is a keen advocate and ambassador for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, culture, health, mental health, child safety, education, tourism and sport.

He juggles many roles and wears many hats but his love for his culture and region drives him to be the person he is.

Personal attributes

Lane is committed to doing whatever he can to help people and communities with different needs. He is passionate and always happy to assist.

Although young, Lane has an impressive breadth of experience and expertise, and we look forward to seeing what his future brings.