Creative Livelihoods is a flexible delivery arts-based social and emotional well-being program, with strong ties to the Deadly Thinking content and themes.

Clay modelling, basket weaving and canvas painting in traditional styles can be taught, with participants able to take their work home at the completion of the program.

Participants return each day to learn art techniques, yarn and access social and emotional well-being information.

They don’t need to have a background in art, feel artistic or plan to be an artist in the future.

Information is available during workshops regarding mental health and well-being issues, however the focus of the program is to leverage the therapeutic benefits of artistic pursuits.

Creative Livelihoods is a powerful social inclusion tool for ‘at risk’ participants, but is equally suitable for all members of community.

This workshop demonstrate how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage, creativity and arts – based activities can improve mental health and social and emotional well-being whilst simultaneously creating viable enterprises.





Price on application, subsidised rates available.