Helping us help others

RRMH CEO Joe Hooper
14 Mar 21
by Andy

Helping us help others

When it comes to supporting each other, Australians stand out as some of the most generous and community-spirited people in the world. Thank goodness! Given the past year of the COVID pandemic and its significant impact on all of us – whether we work in health, essential services, transport, agriculture, hospitality, tourism, resources, education, police, armed services, technology or as stay-at-home parents coping with home schooling – we have all been affected one way or another.

What I have observed throughout this time is a willingness to lend a hand, to reach out to our neighbours and recognise that we need to support each other. This may be buying local and supporting the nearby coffee shop, pub or corner store, buying Australian-made to support our fellow Aussies, or maybe even just leaving toilet rolls on the shelf for those in need! Sometimes what we don’t do is as important as what we do.

This edition of the Outpost is dedicated to recognising those who are supporting us, or other organisations doing good work in the community. At RRMH, we have been humbled by the generosity of spontaneous donations from those who have stumbled across our website and seen the work we do. Be they small donations or organised events, we are so grateful. We are a charity body that relies on the beneficence of others.

With no government funding, we are constantly reviewing our budgets and deciding where we can best provide our early mental health intervention workshops and suicide prevention training. Due to the distances we cover and the often remote locations, travel expenses are unavoidable. We’re always budget-conscious with these expenses, though going where others do not doesn’t always come cheap. But that’s our mission and we believe that the work is priceless. We are eternally grateful to our sponsors and donors, some of whom we gladly acknowledge in this edition, whilst respecting others who wish to remain private.

So, thanks Shorty for your years of support and sacrificing your beard to raise money for us, thank you to Dom and Brod for what is possibly the weirdest fundraiser in RRMH history, to the organisers and participants of Cargo 2 Grenfell for supporting us for the second year in a row, to BetterThat for welcoming us to their platform, to our newest corporate supporters Lloyd’s and Gilchrist Connell, and to the many people who kindly started Facebook fundraisers for us.

Also, we are proud to support Soldier On, a wonderful charity about the same age as us which dedicates its resources to supporting veterans, active service personnel and their families through a range of services. This month they have a fundraising campaign called March On, where you can register to walk 96kms to raise funds for this vital service. Why 96kms? You can find the details here.

Australia’s regional, rural and remote communities – and its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – have a proud history of service. For those of you with a connection to the cause, I encourage you to register and help support this wonderful organisation.

For those of you who are volunteers for our organisation or for any of the charities and service organisations across this country, a big thank you. And to those in a position to donate to RRMH or your charity of choice, we appreciate your support. Without your generosity, we – and many small charities like us – would not survive. We need corporates, philanthropists and the public at large to help us so we can help others.

It’s a well-trod path seeking donations, but it’s a reality that governments do not support services equally. Our commitment is to rural and remote Australia – home to 30% of the total population but where less than 1.5% of Medicare funding is spent on psychological services. So thank you to all our benefactors and to those charities that, like us, are doing it tough at the moment but keeping on with your support.