Bunnings Kingaroy rises to the challenge

25 Aug 20
by Andy

Bunnings Kingaroy rises to the challenge

“It’s the simple things in life. It’s everything real, tangible, and what we know.

We are grateful for what we have, kind to those around us and thankful for those who love us, to lead a purposeful life, and have good things to look forward to.”

These were the words that won the Bunnings Kingaroy team a corporate challenge and resulted in a significant donation for Rural & Remote Mental Health.

In response to the pandemic, Bunnings developed Challenge Accepted; an initiative that allowed individual stores to compete for cash donations to their charity of choice.

The Kingaroy team prepared a slideshow entitled My Cup Runneth Over, a showcase of positivity and reasons to practise gratitude.

Their efforts were rewarded with a $5000 cash donation for Rural & Remote Mental Health.

Bunnings Kingaroy Activities Organiser Diane said the team chose RRMH as their beneficiary because they felt it would benefit their community.

“Kingaroy is an agricultural town and a lot of our customers are farmers,” she explained.

“We felt giving the money to Rural & Remote Mental Health would go back to helping them and people like them.”

And Diane’s right. With $5000, RRMH can fund 50 places in a Rural Minds community workshop. That’s 50 potentially life-saving conversations started in rural communities just like Kingaroy.

Our thanks goes to the Bunnings Kingaroy team for their impressive effort and for making us their charity of choice.


To find and register for Rural Minds events, visit the Upcoming Events page.