A bicycle built for two

6 Mar 21
by Andy

A bicycle built for two

What do you do when you find an old-school tandem bike for sale just 650km away? If you’re Domenic and Brodrick (otherwise known as Dom and Brod), you snap it up and figure the rest out later.

The two twenty-something housemates are based in Melbourne but, when they found a tandem bike listed for sale in Mildura, they didn’t hesitate to make the purchase. It was only later that they turned their minds to the problem of getting it home.

After enlisting the help of Brod’s girlfriend Anna, the two decided to turn the purchase into the roadtrip of a lifetime. Brod described the process as a hare-brained scheme that turned into a hare-brained fundraiser.

“We quickly decided that we’d ride the bike back and that Anna would drive the car, kind of like a support vehicle,” Brod explained.

“But we had this thought that, if we’re doing this massive thing, we might as well turn it into a force for good. We wanted the money to support people in the country and, because of all the lockdowns we’ve had in Victoria and the effects of those, we wanted it to support mental health.

“We googled mental health charities for country areas and Rural & Remote Mental Health immediately stood out,” he said.

The duo christened the event ‘TanDom and Brod’, a play on their names and the word ‘tandem’. Dom set up a Facebook fundraiser and, even though they won’t begin their ride til mid-year, they’ve already met over a third of their $10,000 goal.

And their unusual fundraising approach has already caught the eye of media, with Triple M Sunraysia reaching out to interview the two. Dom said that he and Brod were overwhelmed by the response.

“We’re so impressed with the support we’ve been getting. Our friends are mainly uni students or they’ve just graduated and they’ve been really generous. They’ve been sharing it with their parents and families who have also been chipping in.

“And now we’ve got Triple M contacting us and it’s turned into something bigger than we originally hoped for. Now we’ve seen the kind of reaction this is getting, we’re working really hard to make it as big as it can be. Watch this space!”

Dom and Brod expect to begin their ride in June and are currently planning their route. You can follow their journey and enjoy their particular brand of off-beat humour on Facebook or Instagram.