Resource Minds is an evidence-based mental well-being program which is uniquely tailored around the risk and safety factors affecting all workers, on any site.

Resource Minds Toolbox Talks are designed to be integrated with existing OH&S programs on physical health and safety.

Resource Minds is rolled out over a longer term to ensure a sustainable shift in workplace culture, particularly with regard to strong stigmas associated with mental ill-health.

This program benefits everyone who works in the rural/remote mining, quarrying, resource and construction sectors.

Resource Minds is specifically tailored to the split-lifestyles of people who work in remote, harsh, isolated and high-risk environments.

Resource Minds confronts these challenging economic times in so much as they pose a risk to mental health and productivity.

Digger and dump truck (Medium)

Jimblebar train line (Medium)

First visit:

  • Mental Health Crisis Management Workshop and Handbook for all participants
  • 5 DVD Toolbox Talks including training for an on-site facilitator – sponsored by Movember
  • Provision of: posters & business/information cards
  • Delivery of the initial Toolbox Talk at a pre-start meeting by a Resource Minds specialist
  • Passport to Mental Health in Mining, Resources and Remote Construction issued to everyone on site
  • Administration and analysis of – and feedback from – the Wellbeing and Lifestyle Survey – sponsored by Movember

 Ongoing support:

  • Facilitators and Management – via email and the closed Resource Minds Facebook group
  • All workforce – Access to Resource Minds 1800 number for information, support and onward referral

Second visit:

  • Delivery/training in additional Toolbox Talks – with DVDs
  • Presentation of one Toolbox Talk at a pre-start meeting by a Resource Minds specialist
  • Provision of: posters & business/information cards
  • Consultation, evaluation and support