Deadly Thinking’s ‘Young, Black and Strong’ is designed by Indigenous people and relevant to the unique challenges faced by our young people today


Creative Livelihoods workshop

Deadly Thinking‘s ‘Young Black and Strong’ for Indigenous youth aged 12 – 17 years, addresses core social and mental well-being issues in an accessible and inviting manner.

A one-day workshop during which core social and mental well-being issues are addressed in an open, respectful and comfortable forum.

Through culturally appropriate engagement, topics covered include yarning, mental health risk factors, identifying symptoms of anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol misuse, bullying, addressing suicide risk and pathways to help.

All participants receive a Young, Black and Strong Deadly Thinkpack, which includes a bag, cap, pens and pencils, Deadly Thinking Young, Black and Strong workbook and certificate of participation.

This package is ideal for schools, communities and youth groups.

Rural and Remote Mental Health Indigenous facilitators are supported by the program manager to present the program.

Pricing is subject to variation depending on community and location.

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