Deadly Thinking is a social, emotional well-being and suicide prevention program specifically designed for Indigenous communities, confronting core social and mental well-being issues in a culturally appropriate, accessible and compelling way.

A unique and effective program

Deadly Thinking is a social and emotional well-being and suicide prevention workshop designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people.

Deadly Thinking can then be delivered independently by trained trainers who receive support from RRMH staff.

By assuming a leadership role, trainees greatly extend the scope and sustainability of the program as well as the long-term effectiveness of protective strategies in the community.


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What does the program consist of?

A one-day workshop during which core social and mental well-being issues are addressed in an open, respectful and comfortable forum.

Topics covered include yarning, risks to mental health, symptoms of anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol misuse, suicide risk and pathways to help.

What materials are provided?

All participants receive a Deadly Thinkpack.

This pack comprises: a Deadly Thinking logo bag; truckers cap; pens and pencils; Deadly Thinking one-day social and emotional well-being workbook and a certificate of participation.

How much does Deadly Thinking cost?

Deadly Thinking is priced at $198/person and is provided by our trained independent Deadly Thinking Facilitators.

This may be subject to variation, depending on community and location.

Contact the Deadly Thinking program manager for more information.


For key community members, natural helpers and Elders, RRMH delivers a two-day Train the Trainer workshop, in which trainees learn to deliver the Deadly Thinking program.

  • remote Indigenous communities;
  • natural helpers;
  • Elders;
  • ‘at risk’ individuals;
  • ‘at risk’ groups.

Bring Deadly Thinking to your community! We can provide a facilitator to present and support staff. All you need is commitment and a passion for improving your community’s social and emotional well-being.

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